Simulacrum: The Mind-Blowing Story of How 23 HfK Students Made Their Parents Proud +
            23 Reasons Why Simulations are More Refreshing Than New Socks +
            Meet the 23 HfK Students Who Will Make You Cry

An exhibition consisting of 23 works containing much less cats, kardashians, emoticons, clickbait, 10-easy-steps, animated GIFs, generative blablabla, VR, algorithms, and pretensions than you would initially expect.

With no less than 23 Contributions by:
Mette Boldt: vrKid
Physical prototype for a VR-helmet for babies and toddlers
Annika Engelhardt: oCat
The oCat News Distractor shows the number and frequency of new views of the most popular catvideos.
Maria Araujo: Is This Real Life?
A collection of objects as a critique experience of the unstoppable consumption of pop
Nora Taake: The Poperator
A machine that writes popular news into sand
Bojana Petkovic: Candy Cloud
A cloud that sprincles shugar balls instead of a rain
Timo Johannes: Concrete Decryption
Material-based decryption in a handy, deskfriendly formfactor
Jonas Schell: SoGif
A chat application reduced to animated GIFs
Lukas Stöver: Strange Recombinations
Installation with 14-18 TVs
Lea Brock: MRSI
Sound-based MRI scan simulation
Aljoscha Drewes: Die Flut
What would it look like to flood the HfK building?
Jonghong Park: Apartments
Mold builds in a room apartments
Leo Puhl: creatorstable
Luca Iuzzolino: Dance of the swarm
Video on movements of swarms
Livia Brocke: Is this what all the buzz is about?
A bee tries to explain why it and his friends are slowly dying out ... and what we can do about that.
Nathalie Gebert: Living Shapes
Simulation of a #p@
Cássia Vila: RGB Fossils
A proposal for archiving life with digital standards
Kevin Mendzies: Gifgun
A Gun, that shoots animated Gifs at your finger tip and upoads them automatically to the most popular web streams.
Opening 13.10.2016 20:00
Opening Hours 13–15.10.2016 14:00–18:00

Galerie Flut
Am Speicher XI 8
28217 Bremen

A Project Initiated by Prof. Dennis P Paul
from the Digital Media Program of Hochschule für Künste Bremen.